we all want to change the world,
but when you talk about destruction,
don’t you know that you can count me out 


☆ 15 days of haikyuu!!

day 5: favorite team: karasuno (the flightless crows)

one edit per chapter: Chapter 100 -  The Legend Has Begun

"How can you trust Straw-hat so much!?"
“Because I know the ‘D’ will blow up a storm again!”

"That's... mine. G-Give it back."

But… I…

"If you question your job… If you start feeling that something is amiss, be careful. Once you do, you might fall into the same pitfall I fell into."

I’ve…I’ve always dreamed of getting my body back! But…not now. I won’t be able to fight with that body! …Sorry. I’ll come again. Hang in there a little longer! I’ll definitely come again! I swear! It’s a promise!